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3 Simple reasons to go vegan on 2020

Many people’s New Year’s goals are losing weight, eating healthier and contributing more to make the world a better place. Going vegan can be just what you need to achieve these goals all at once.

Here are the 3 most simple reasons why you should go vegan this year:

1. Be a life saver

Did you know? According to since we wrote this article, approximately 55,206,766,208 animals have been killed for food in the United States this year and the number gets bigger every second. That being said, the TOP reason to go vegan in 2020 is because it’s the best way to help save and protect animal’s life. This new year be a life saver! Switch to a plant-based and full of love diet.

2. Think big, save the planet!

When you choose to go vegan, the environmental footprint that you then create will reduce due to the enormous amount of carbon footprint that is created to sustain a carnivorous diet. But, what is carbon footprint and why is it so important? Carbon footprint is the amount of energy, greenhouse gases and waste that is generated to support the lifestyle of a country, group or individual. It’s important because it allows us to quantify the contribution of our activities to global warming. In turn, we can implement techniques which can reduce the emissions by using energy more prudently. A vegan diet has the lowest carbon footprint at just 1.5 tons CO2e (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent). If you choose to follow a vegan diet your carbon footprint will be 60% smaller than someone who eats meat and 24% smaller than someone who is vegetarian.

3. Improve your health

The academy of nutrition and dietetics have stated that vegans are less likely to develop certain diseases. When done right, being vegan can promote weight loss, reduce cholesterol levels which can bring down the possibility of heart disease, lower your chances of getting certain types of cancer and manage diabetes by lowering A1C levels. To have a healthy diet you need important nutrients that can be perfectly found in plants. At Panchos Vegan Tacos we do our best to bring these nutrients to your plate.

Turning vegan is a decision that demands commitment, requires effort and involves renunciation in many aspects of daily life that not everyone is willing to make. Luckily Panchos Vegan Tacos is here to help you deal with the difficulties involved in living this kind of life. Accomplish your goals and enjoy flavorful, satisfying meals as well!

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